Embattled Farmers

Campaigns and Profiles of Revolutionary Soldiers
 from Lincoln, Massachusetts, 1775-1783


Inside the Book:

   Table of Contents
  In Their Own Words
  Deployments & Battles

Winner of Multiple Awards for its Contribution
to Revolutionary War Literature.

“Through extensive research, author Rick Wiggin traces the long ordeal of political upheaval and war as it impacted one Massachusetts town …allowing the reader a highly personal view of the war through the service of ordinary citizens.”  Jim Hollister, Education Coordinator / Historic Weapons Supervisor, Minute Man National Historical Park

About Embattled Farmers

They were ordinary farmers, laborers, merchants, tradesmen, slaves, and former slaves, the cross-section of a typical eighteenth-century New England farming community. But when faced with the loss of their cherished liberties and long-standing tradition of self-government, they were swept up in an epic struggle against long odds.  These are the forgotten men who fought the American Revolution.

Meticulously researched, Embattled Farmers traces the footsteps of 256 men—all from the same town—who served on both sides of the war.  Their stories bring to life the human dimensions of American’s War for Independence.  Read more...

Praise for Embattled Farmers

Embattled Farmers resonates beyond the community… shedding light on the farmers who took on the redcoats 238 years ago.” Kathleen Pierce, The Boston Globe

“This work is an immeasurable service to the town and to these patriots, as well as a rare pleasure.”  Donald L. Hafner, Professor of Political Science, Boston College, and former Captain, The Lincoln Minute Men


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