Embattled Farmers

Campaigns and Profiles of Revolutionary Soldiers
 from Lincoln, Massachusetts, 1775-1783

Purchase Embattled Farmers

Embattled Farmers is available in paperback or hardcover.  To purchase Embattled Farmers, visit any of the following online sites or book shops.

By Mail: Lincoln Historical Society (the publisher)


Aide de Camp Books

Book Shops:

Boston National Historical Park
    Bunker Hill Museum
    Faneuil Hall Visitor Center
    Charlestown Navy Yard Visitor Center
Buckman Tavern, Lexington, MA
Colonial Williamsburg, VA
Concord Museum, Concord, MA
Fort Ticonderoga, NY
Independence National Historical Park, PA
    Benjamin Franklin Museum
    Independence Hall
Minute Man National Historical Park
    Minuteman Visitor Center
    North Bridge Visitor Center
Old Barracks, Trenton, NJ
Old North Church, Boston, MA
Old Town Hall Exchange, Lincoln, MA
Something Special, Lincoln, MA
Valley Forge National Historical Park, PA
Washington Crossing Historic Park, PA

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