Embattled Farmers

Campaigns and Profiles of Revolutionary Soldiers
 from Lincoln, Massachusetts, 1775-1783


Historical Sites
        Boston National Historical Park
        Brandywine Battlefield Park
        Fort Ticonderoga
        Minute Man National Historical Park
        Monmouth Battlefield
        Morristown National Historical Park
        Old Barracks
        Saratoga National Historical Park
        Valley Forge National Historical Park
        Washington Crossing Historical Park
        Yorktown Battlefield
        Yorktown Victory Center

Historical Societies, Libraries, and Museums
        Arnold Expedition Historical Society
        Bedford, MA Historical Society
        The Bostonian Society
        Charlestown, MA Historical Society
        Clements Library (Univ. Michigan)
        Concord Museum
        The David Library
        Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
        Library of Congress
        Lincoln, MA Historical Society
        Massachusetts Historical Society
        Museum of the American Revolution
        National Constitution Center
        New York Historical Society
        Newport Historical Society
        South Carolina Historical Society

Related Organizations
        American Revolution Round Table of Minute Man NHP
                (for information, contact mbern9@gmail.com)
        American Revolution Round Table of Richmond
        The Brigade of the American Revolution
        The Continental Line
        Lincoln Minute Men
        Massachusetts Society of Sons of the American Revolution
        Town of Lincoln

        Crossroads of the American Revolution
        Journal of the American Revolution